Sunday, December 29, 2013

IFYCA Spring Mountain Retreat

Spring Mountain Retreat is coming up soon, now is a good time to start planning to attend.

Jesse Glover often came to these and shared his Non Classical Gung Fu with us.  Great memories are made and friends made fast for a lifetime.

We cover Non Classical Gung Fu, Eskrima, Fook Yueng Chuan, Aiki Jitsu and Infinity Concepts.  What does that mean.  Connection, flow, entries, take downs, balance stealing, knife defense, meditation and walks in nature.

Register Here if you are interested.   Facebook Event Page

There is information there as to the investment and lodging.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Women's Self Defense

Very good article by Adam Chan. When learning do defend yourself it is important to really learn how to do it develop the skill set to be able to do it for real. 

There is some empowerment value in doing weekend classes confidence is a deterrent but it is not enough to stop a determined attack.

Rather than taking a weekend course I recommend people enroll in a course that is designed from the ground up to train a person to be able to stop attackers.  

It takes work no question, it is challenging but it is competence not confidence alone that stops attacks.  Competence builds a true confidence not a fly by night version of it.  

A good class builds skill sets, develops a powerful body, and is encouraging and challenging.  

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Motivation, Procrastination? Here are some good answers.

Motivational Literacy is a program put together by a personal coach, Aikido Sensei John Bailey.  John in a straight forward way takes you through the cycle of anger, procrastination and other issues that face us all at various times in our lives.

His program is highly effective and cuts through complex language to get to the core of what makes us tick and how to get in the drivers seat.

I will be using his program in our Infinity Martial Art Intensive program coming up in October.

There is a free trial program to work through and if it catches your interest you can go through his whole course.  

Sunday, September 15, 2013

September Retreat was a Great Time

Thanks to all who came to the September Retreat.  Exceptional Group again.

We had spectacular weather this year perfect temperature only to arrive back home to severe thunderstorm warnings.  Severe Thunder Storm Warning

We had 20 plus hours of training to which one person responded I have trouble doing a 4 hour seminar my mind is filled.  Good thing we had lots of breaks.  I explained that the first session was 4.5 hours long with no breaks.  Time passes quickly when we are so engaged.  Saturday evening we had a good presentation by a member of the RCMP on improvised weapons we gained a new respect for what they face in their work.  Weekend of Learning for SURE.

We still had time for early morning walks and time for conversations that lasted late into the night.

These times are special.  Great training and great lifetime friends.  Thank you all for coming.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Adam Chan FAQs Part 1: " On Guard Positions for self defense?? "

Adam gives a great overview of the advantages and disadvantages of a guard in self defense.  Adam Chan is available for Seminars and for private lessons in person and this next week online private lessons become available.

His face book group is the best way to stay up with what he is doing and to contact him for training you or your organization.  Adam Chan Pragmatic Martial Arts Group

Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Little Dojo Offers Private Training

The Little Dojo offers private training in Tai Chi Chuan, Tien Shan Mountain Chi Gung, Fook Yueng Chuan Kung Fu / Gung Fu, Aiki Jitsu and Personal Protection.

If you prefer learning in a tailored approach this is for you we have 4 places currently available.  Sessions are taught buy Steve Smith Inheritor of Fook Yueng Chuan.

Monday, September 2, 2013

The Little Dojo Accepting New Members until October 10

If you have been thinking about learning Non Classical Gung Fu, Getting in Top Physical Condition, or learning to defend your self now is the Time. We just had a graduation at The Little Dojo and there we are accepting students From the 10th of September until the 10th of October. It will be 3 months after that until we will be accepting members again.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Pierre Hartmann's Chinese Boxing Association New Web Site is Live

Pierre Hartman's Web Site is now live.  Pierre Hartmann is the founder of Non Classical Kung Fu and the pioneer of Jesse Glover's involvement in Europe.  Pierre teaches Non Classical Gung Fu, Basic Cardio Kung Fu and Fook Yueng Chuan to his advanced students. 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Congratulations to Everyone passing their White Belt Requirements Welcome to Orange

You guys met and exceeded your goals.

More than 5000 punches, 120 push ups, great intensity, inspiring.

Keep Going Orange Sash is taking it up a notch.  Look forward to feeling stronger, being stronger and moving better with more understanding.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Member of The Little Dojo Life Time Alaska Fisherman Offers Wild Alaska Salmon

Bristol Siren Salmon Co. Announces Early Bird Sale

June 21-July 23, 2013 

$10/pd Pre-season Sale Price

$12.99/pd Regular Pricing after July 23

If you place your order online now at, you’ll get a pre-season price of $10/pd for our family’s sustainable, Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon. When we get back to Walla Walla with our catch in late July, we will return to regular market-value pricing.

Where do I pick it up?

We will have several pickup times/locations in Walla Walla as soon as possible at the beginning of August. Make sure you fill in your email or phone number so I can make sure you get your fish and it stays frozen!

What if I’m not in Walla Walla?

We will be shipping out of town orders in August. Email with details. Make sure to still order now with the early bird pricing, but understand that upon shipping there will be an additional shipping fee of at least $85 based on your location for UPS or FedEx Overnight Shipping.

Why is it frozen? Isn’t fresh fish on ice better?

Fish frozen is actually better quality. Also, it allows you flexibility in when you prepare it. (Hint: Most of the fish you see on ice in the supermarket has actually been frozen and thawed already. Always make sure to check the salmon you are buying is WILD!)

About Bristol Siren Salmon Co.

Bristol Siren Salmon Co. was founded by Heather DeBolt, who grew up in Walla Walla in the winter and at her family’s fish camp in South Naknek, Alaska in the summers. Her family moved to Alaska in 1929 to make a living off the land during the Depression. She’s been commercial fishing the last great sustainable salmon run since she was six years old as part of their ongoing tradition. This is her first year offering her family’s fillets to the public, though people have been asking for years after tasting their homepacked salmon. She can’t count how many times people have said, “I didn’t know salmon tasted like this. This is the best salmon I’ve ever had!” Bristol Siren Salmon Co. is local, sustainable, 100% wild, and as close to the family home table as you can get without coming up to Bristol Bay and fishing yourself.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Remembering Jesse

"I didn't know that." 
"Steve if we stack up everything you don't know we have the Himalayan Mountains" Jesse

This has stayed with me the last decade and a half, along with, "it is not your world you just live in it" and "you are not a missionary", those comments have shaped my world view. People are their own. It is not up to us to correct their misconceptions it is their right to be wrong and everyone trains for their own unique and very private reasons.

When you teach someone give them something that they can use and use right now. Each class give them something that is valuable and useful then and on the way home. 

I miss Jesse's practical advice.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

September Retreat is Coming Up

Students in the IFYCA Family, Infinity Martial Arts, Yuen's Family Martial Arts Center, Chinese Boxing Association, The Little Dojo:

The September Retreat is coming up in only a few months it is time to start talking with your Instructors and making arrangements to attend.

We have some new things happening this year with Guest Instructors, Catering, and exciting curriculum.  

The September Retreat is a time for us all to come together and learn with one another.  It what is called immersion training in the sense that we spend about 16 to 20 hours of class time over 3 days.  That kind of learning goes a long ways toward taking what you learn and making it yours.  

Talk to your teacher or send me an email.  We have 22 places still available.

Register on Facebook

Golden Rule

Learn to "treat others the way you would be treated".... If you were them. People have different needs and come from different places in life.   This involves Mindfulness as our "knee jerk" reaction is often different.  But through mindfulness our minds teach our brains to be wired differently.

We practice listening hands to improve our empathy to help us understand Their needs. 

Empathy and understanding are what we need in order to be a friend to all people. 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Faithful in Little Things

Five minutes a day of consistent focused and mindful training makes a big difference. Four punches a second for 300 seconds 1200 punches.

1200 punches a day for a month 36,000 a month.

In a year in five minutes a day you are at 432,000 punches.

A weird thing happens, you get better and faster and in reality in 5 minutes a day you will in two years throw more than a million punches.

Skill improves, confidence improves, conditioning improves. A good experiment in using small bits of time to change your life.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

International Fook Yueng Chuan Spring Mountain Retreat is one Week Away!

Spring Mountain Retreat will be June 7, 8, 9 starting at 10 A.M. Friday and going until 1 P.M. Sunday. Retreat is $349 for the training. Cabin space is 30 per night or 50 for the weekend. Private cabins are available and start at 85 per night. If you prefer to tent it is $15 per night.

Catered meals $75 for the weekend. Gourmet food. Dinner Friday, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Saturday and Breakfast on Sunday. Kelly's Wife is Catering Again Yay!

We will be covering a Survey of Fook Yueng Chuan Shoshin Ryu Karate Jitsu from foundations through the more advanced work.

  • Chi Gung, 
  • Sensitivity Drills
  • FYC Trapping 
  • Balance Stealing 
  • Knife Defense
  • Counter Pistol 
  • Hiking
  • Lot's more....
People who have never attended are invited to come for the Introductory rate of 300 plus cabin and catering.

Little Dojo and Infinity Martial Arts Members are invited to come for 250 plus cabin and catering.

Looking forward to seeing everyone here this spring life time friendships.

Fook Yueng Chuan is the method Fook Yueng taught Bruce Lee in Seattle, Washington.  Jesse Glover, Bruce Lee's first student was a regular participant at these weekend seminars.  We are living a deep legacy.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Adam Chan coming to Walla Walla.

We are planning to have Adam Chan come to Walla Walla to teach a seminar at the end of July.  Check in with me at class to register for the event we are limiting the event to 15 people.  Fee is 200.  

Two Day 5 hours each day.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Pierre Hartmann of the Swiss Chinese Boxing Association to Present NCKF at Infinity Martial Arts in Mukilteo, WA

Tim Wang of Infinity Martial Arts in Mukilteo, Washington (just 30 minutes north of Seattle).  Pierre Hartmann will be teaching NCKF (Non Classical Kung Fu) for the two day seminar.  Pierre Hartmann was a student of Ed Hart, Jesse Glover and trains with Steve Smith in Fook Yueng Chuan (Pierre is the European Head of Fook Yueng Chuan).

I am very excited to see Pierre teaching a Seminar here.  He is a world class teacher and proponent of Non Classical Kung Fu.

This event is not to be missed.

Tim Wang teaches Fook Yueng Chuan in Mukilteo and is accepting students.

Seminar Sign Up Page

Friday, May 24, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is a time to be grateful and to reflect on the sacrifices paid.

The Little Dojo will be closed in Remembrance.

Thank You

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Jiang moon by Adam Chan

Jiang moon 

  I grew up reading Martial Arts magazines  when I was 10 years and on . And I notice a leader of a system is call "grandmaster" in North America, in Chinese the word is Si gung ( literally "teacher"-"grandfather") Si Gung iin Chinese does NOT signify a LEADER of a system but rather your "grandfather" , your teacher's teacher , that all . Personally I don't care about labels of grandmaster or si Gung. Its my teacher's teacher, nothing more. 

   A leader of a system on the other hand is a big deal , a "inheritor". In Chinese , Canontese, a inheritor is call a " Jiiang moon"  literally this means " Senior gate" . This has significant meaning. Senior is the leader and gate means a door to a PATH not a dead system, it is living, evolving. In another words , the inheritor , Jiang Moon historicially had the absolutely right to change the system anyway he sees fit.

   Aside from the founder and ancestor, the Jiang Moon is the highest ranking member of a style/system/path. No one in the style had the legimate right to take the art in a new direction , any direction without the Jiang Moon/inheritors permission. Because of this structure ingrained in the Chinese 4000 year old culture , martial artist and even commoners understand all this . This tradition was in place not to gather more student or cash but to make sure the art would not be water down. 

    A Jiang Moon is not just chosen for his obvious exceptional Skill and fighting ability but also for his understanding of an art. The truth is every style have more than just physical movements and tactics. Every style has a flavor to it , a personality , after all , an art is the experssion of the founders heart. Fighters, great fighters of a clan might be deadly but it does not guarantee that this person truly understood the art - that is why they say in CHinese , if  you really wanna understand an art, strive to feel what the founder actually felt in his body when he created it . The person that can do that was histoircally chosen to be the Jiang moon inheritor .  Aside from this exceptional ability , a Jiang Moon is chosen if his master feels that he's the one that can pass on the art in its true essence. You see, anyone can learn something spoon fed , train hard and get good. Thats merely fighting ability but if you just learn a system and develop fighting ability without getting the essence , it runs the risk of meeting its expiry date.  Society changes , fighting changes, if a art does not change with it , it is dead. But if someone can capture the essence of an art , he will have the ability to change with the times - hes not just a great fighter , but he has the ability to modify , re-discover, change an art because he has capture the essence of the art. So the more it changes the more it stays the same , this is what the Ba kua triagrams around the yin and yang symbolizes ... 

    ABOVE ALL ELSE, a jiang moon is chosen for his CHARACTER , his compassion and virtue. You have to remember that in feudal CHina, hundreds of years ago , Gung Fu was strictly look upon as a weapon in the society. As such , measures was taken to make sure that Gung Fu was only given to the good hearted so not to do harm to the villages. 

   One thing is for sure, a inheritor Jiang Moon can NOT be self-appointed hahah like todays MA community were ppl can self proclaim themselves as "grandmasters" but rather the inheritor Jiang Moon can only be chosen by the last Jiang Moon when he is about to "close his hands"  .  It is the chosen one not the  self pro-claimed one....... and unless someonei is a complele idot , they should know that a real  Jiang Men inheritor is someone who has the " feel" of what the founders wanted , not someone that the self proclaim should try to mess with. 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Women's Self Defense

I have taught hundreds of women over the years Self Defense clinics and in our regular classes.

Women have the same abilities to learn real and effective self protection skills as with any gender it takes real and dedicated practice to develop the skills necessary to effectively defend one's self.

As Bruce Lee stated knowing is not enough.  Learning moves in a short specialty class gives a basic overview of what is possible to do then real practice is necessary to develop this knowledge into the skills needed in time of emergency.  I am not a fan of these classes as they do not provide the time to develop.  They are a snapshot.

I have developed a course that takes 8 weeks two hours a day to get that level of skill and there are many others that have that duration or longer that are also effective.  Quick fix ideas are never of value when you take into consideration the way that we as human beings learn skill sets.  We learn by doing consistently and over a period of time.  It takes time and repetitions to develop neural pathways for anything whether that is tennis, golf or self defense skills.

Women for the most part will be defending themselves against men who are much of the time bigger or stronger there fore what they learn should be on a higher order than what is typically taught.  They should be learning skills that will give them the tools to safely escape and or disable an attack.  Typical "self defense" classes are dumbed down and are insulting to peoples intelligence and are a black mark on the Martial Arts community in my opinion.  Shop well who is teaching you do they know what they are doing and do they have the skill to bring you to a highly skillful place.

If you are interested in learning to defend your self and your loved ones I would highly recommend finding a program that goes into sufficient depth and over a long enough period of time to make the knowledge useful to your body.  When done correctly this is fun, a great work out and a invaluable confidence builder.  When done wrong it builds false security and can be dangerous.

Look at various programs and invest.  It is not inexpensive to learn good material it takes time it takes money and it takes focused attention.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Adam Chan Seminar in Tofino, B.C. `

Adam Chan of Pragmatic Martial Arts will be conducting a seminar in Tofino, B.C. Canada.  Event details can be found HERE.

Adam is a very good teacher.  I highly recommend getting to see him at a seminar soon.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sifu Andrew T. Dale teaching a Tian Shan Qi Gong and the teachings of Master Fook Yueng Seminar

This session will go through the movements of Tian Shan Qi Gong and the teachings of Master Fook Yueng. Tian Shan (Heavenly Mountain) is a Taoist Qi Gong emphasizing greater energy awareness, healing, and control. Pre-pay and registration required. Cost: $45

Andrew Dale is a widely respected teacher of the Internal Arts and Student and Friend of Master Yueng for many years.

Seminar Link

A favorite Poem of mine The Dreamer By Robert Service

The Dreamer visioned Life as it might be, And from his dream forthright a picture grew, A painting all the people thronged to see, And joyed therein -- till came the Man Who Knew, Saying: "'Tis bad! Why do ye gape, ye fools! He painteth not according to the schools." The Dreamer probed Life's mystery of woe, And in a book he sought to give the clue; The people read, and saw that it was so, And read again -- then came the Man Who Knew, Saying: "Ye witless ones! this book is vile: It hath not got the rudiments of style." Love smote the Dreamer's lips, and silver clear He sang a song so sweet, so tender true, That all the market-place was thrilled to hear, And listened rapt -- till came the Man Who Knew, Saying: "His technique's wrong; he singeth ill. Waste not your time." The singer's voice was still. And then the people roused as if from sleep, Crying: "What care we if it be not Art! Hath he not charmed us, made us laugh and weep? Come, let us crown him where he sits apart." Then, with his picture spurned, his book unread, His song unsung, they found their Dreamer -- dead. Robert Service Found on It is easy to find fault in ourselves and in others. There is power in seeing beauty.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Master Fook Yueng at A Seminar Last November

This is a tribute to my teacher Master Fook Yueng who came by to a seminar I did in Seattle. My friend made this video tribute to him as he passed away a few months later. Master Yueng was a quiet and compassionate genius.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Fook Yueng and Bruce Lee / Yueng Chuan Classes in Walla Walla

Fook Yueng Chuan or Quan or Fook Yueng’s Boxing is a rich method of Martial Arts that is effective for overall health/fitness development and is exceptionally functional for self-defense.It is synthesized from over 160 martial art styles and Tien Shan Mountain Chi Kung by Fook Yueng who was an actor in the Red Junk Opera and Kung Fu brother with the late Bruce Lee’s father. The bringing together of the styles was more a matter of that it fit together and after 70 years they become “all same”. Fook Yueng has closed his hands for Kung Fu teaching but has several people are teaching his methods. David Harris (Steve Smith’s Primary teacher of Yueng Quan) his number 1 adopted son, Andy Dale his number 2 adopted son, and Steve Smith his successor/inheritor.  Fook Yueng was like an Uncle to Bruce Lee and was the man who picked him up in Oakland off the ship and took him to Seattle where as a favor to Bruce Lee’s father helped him get his start. (The first thing Bruce Lee did after getting off the ship was to extend his hand to Fook and say, “Chi Sao” an invitation to play/stick hands when he could not get through he asked Fook teach him, Bruce Lee trained with Fook from 1959 through about 1967 or so. Fook showed him the systems and Bruce was an adept student and worked them to a very effective level. One of Bruce’s favorite forms to practice was the Preying Mantis forms. (Much more of this story is up coming in Jesse Glover’s new book) Jesse Glover and I took Fook to the Bruce Lee convention held in Seattle we sat together and I held his hand while he grieved the passing of Bruce Lee and Bruce’s son Brandon Lee, he said, “too soon they died too soon”. He also told me that Bruce Lee had done more for Kung Fu in his few years on earth than had been done in the last 500 years.Fook Yueng taught an occasional Chi Kung workshop for Andy Dale and for those who attended it was a real learning experience. Fook Yueng was a happy joyous person; those who have met him came away saying they have met someone who is full of love and joy.  

Advantages of learning Fook Yueng Chuan:
  • Develops flexibility in the body
  • Stresses adaptability in Body and Feeling so you are able to defend yourself with any part of your body developing effortless power.
  • Anyone can learn Fook Yueng Chuan! Its richness and depth compliment any level or style of martial art. It is organic in the sense that it adapts to the person, adults of any age enjoy results.
  • Improves balance• Reduces stress.
  • Practicing Fook Yueng Chuan develops coordination, balance; speed and sensitivity, so you can respond smoothly even under pressure.
  • Classes are fun, practical, and respectful and help to improve focus and self defense skills. Basic and advanced classes are available and emphasis the principle of why technique works so that we can do that technique and adapt it.
  • Classes include, study of structure and balance, China similar to Jujitsu, Chi Kung, Weapons, and Free Flow. Advanced Classes cover chi sao, da sao, da mak, effortless power and more. 
  • By the way effortless work that looks like magic is the result of understanding the principles and stacking or blending them together so it looks like nothing at all. Sort of like mixing sugar in water still looks like water but tastes like something else entirely.
  • “It’s all for healing” Fook Yueng

For People in Europe Fook Yueng Chuan

For people in Europe and Great Briton looking to learn Fook Yueng Chuan and Non Classical Gung Fu.  I would recommend Pierre Hartman of the Chinese Boxing Association.  He hosted Jesse Glover there for many years and introduced many to Jesse's work over the years.  Pierre has been studying Fook Yueng Chuan with Steve Smith for many years and is the Lead Instructor in Europe in this method.

Pierre is available for seminars in Europe, and the United States.  Pierre is one of the most gifted teachers I have met, it shows in the quality of his students.

Pierre also has  program called Formation that will help people who are interested in teaching Non Classical Kung Fu.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Adam Chan's Ip Man Movie Review

Adam Chan of Pragmatic Martial Arts did a great review of the Blockbuster movie Ip Man. In it he discusses our teacher Grand Master Fook Yueng and his teaching of Bruce Lee. This is not only a good movie review but is an insightful look into the history of Wing Chun.

Tim Wang Opening Infinity Martial Artis in Mukilteo, WA

Tim Wang will be opening his new school Infinity Martial Arts in Mukilteo, WA.  Infinity Martial Arts will be primarily focusing on Fook Yueng Chuan.  Tim is a personal student of Steve Smith Inheritor of Fook Yueng Chuan.

The Grand Opening Ceremony and Seminar.  The Seminar will be taught by Tim Wang and Steve Smith with Guest Instructor demonstrations on Saturday.

Click the above link for further information and to register for the seminar or RSVP for the Demonstration.

For information about classes and events Infinity Martial Arts

Interview Adam Chan did with Steve Smith

For information about Adam Chan's work check out his web page:  Pragmatic Martial Arts