Saturday, June 29, 2013

Member of The Little Dojo Life Time Alaska Fisherman Offers Wild Alaska Salmon

Bristol Siren Salmon Co. Announces Early Bird Sale

June 21-July 23, 2013 

$10/pd Pre-season Sale Price

$12.99/pd Regular Pricing after July 23

If you place your order online now at, you’ll get a pre-season price of $10/pd for our family’s sustainable, Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon. When we get back to Walla Walla with our catch in late July, we will return to regular market-value pricing.

Where do I pick it up?

We will have several pickup times/locations in Walla Walla as soon as possible at the beginning of August. Make sure you fill in your email or phone number so I can make sure you get your fish and it stays frozen!

What if I’m not in Walla Walla?

We will be shipping out of town orders in August. Email with details. Make sure to still order now with the early bird pricing, but understand that upon shipping there will be an additional shipping fee of at least $85 based on your location for UPS or FedEx Overnight Shipping.

Why is it frozen? Isn’t fresh fish on ice better?

Fish frozen is actually better quality. Also, it allows you flexibility in when you prepare it. (Hint: Most of the fish you see on ice in the supermarket has actually been frozen and thawed already. Always make sure to check the salmon you are buying is WILD!)

About Bristol Siren Salmon Co.

Bristol Siren Salmon Co. was founded by Heather DeBolt, who grew up in Walla Walla in the winter and at her family’s fish camp in South Naknek, Alaska in the summers. Her family moved to Alaska in 1929 to make a living off the land during the Depression. She’s been commercial fishing the last great sustainable salmon run since she was six years old as part of their ongoing tradition. This is her first year offering her family’s fillets to the public, though people have been asking for years after tasting their homepacked salmon. She can’t count how many times people have said, “I didn’t know salmon tasted like this. This is the best salmon I’ve ever had!” Bristol Siren Salmon Co. is local, sustainable, 100% wild, and as close to the family home table as you can get without coming up to Bristol Bay and fishing yourself.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Remembering Jesse

"I didn't know that." 
"Steve if we stack up everything you don't know we have the Himalayan Mountains" Jesse

This has stayed with me the last decade and a half, along with, "it is not your world you just live in it" and "you are not a missionary", those comments have shaped my world view. People are their own. It is not up to us to correct their misconceptions it is their right to be wrong and everyone trains for their own unique and very private reasons.

When you teach someone give them something that they can use and use right now. Each class give them something that is valuable and useful then and on the way home. 

I miss Jesse's practical advice.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

September Retreat is Coming Up

Students in the IFYCA Family, Infinity Martial Arts, Yuen's Family Martial Arts Center, Chinese Boxing Association, The Little Dojo:

The September Retreat is coming up in only a few months it is time to start talking with your Instructors and making arrangements to attend.

We have some new things happening this year with Guest Instructors, Catering, and exciting curriculum.  

The September Retreat is a time for us all to come together and learn with one another.  It what is called immersion training in the sense that we spend about 16 to 20 hours of class time over 3 days.  That kind of learning goes a long ways toward taking what you learn and making it yours.  

Talk to your teacher or send me an email.  We have 22 places still available.

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Golden Rule

Learn to "treat others the way you would be treated".... If you were them. People have different needs and come from different places in life.   This involves Mindfulness as our "knee jerk" reaction is often different.  But through mindfulness our minds teach our brains to be wired differently.

We practice listening hands to improve our empathy to help us understand Their needs. 

Empathy and understanding are what we need in order to be a friend to all people. 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Faithful in Little Things

Five minutes a day of consistent focused and mindful training makes a big difference. Four punches a second for 300 seconds 1200 punches.

1200 punches a day for a month 36,000 a month.

In a year in five minutes a day you are at 432,000 punches.

A weird thing happens, you get better and faster and in reality in 5 minutes a day you will in two years throw more than a million punches.

Skill improves, confidence improves, conditioning improves. A good experiment in using small bits of time to change your life.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

International Fook Yueng Chuan Spring Mountain Retreat is one Week Away!

Spring Mountain Retreat will be June 7, 8, 9 starting at 10 A.M. Friday and going until 1 P.M. Sunday. Retreat is $349 for the training. Cabin space is 30 per night or 50 for the weekend. Private cabins are available and start at 85 per night. If you prefer to tent it is $15 per night.

Catered meals $75 for the weekend. Gourmet food. Dinner Friday, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Saturday and Breakfast on Sunday. Kelly's Wife is Catering Again Yay!

We will be covering a Survey of Fook Yueng Chuan Shoshin Ryu Karate Jitsu from foundations through the more advanced work.

  • Chi Gung, 
  • Sensitivity Drills
  • FYC Trapping 
  • Balance Stealing 
  • Knife Defense
  • Counter Pistol 
  • Hiking
  • Lot's more....
People who have never attended are invited to come for the Introductory rate of 300 plus cabin and catering.

Little Dojo and Infinity Martial Arts Members are invited to come for 250 plus cabin and catering.

Looking forward to seeing everyone here this spring life time friendships.

Fook Yueng Chuan is the method Fook Yueng taught Bruce Lee in Seattle, Washington.  Jesse Glover, Bruce Lee's first student was a regular participant at these weekend seminars.  We are living a deep legacy.