Non Classical Gung Fu

Steve Smith was given permission to teach Non Classical Gung Fu by Jesse R. Glover in 1994 and has been teaching NCGF continuously since that time.  Non Classical Gung Fu is trained at The Little Dojo for the first 8 months (two Sash's) of the Fook Yueng Chuan curriculum.  It can then be studied as a stand alone process indefinitely for a life time.

Non Classical Gung Fu is designed to give average people above average conditioning and defense ability in a relatively short time frame.

Here is Jesse Glover's own words of explaining his process of Non Classical Gung Fu

Steve Smith has taught Non Classical Gung Fu for 2 decades it is taught very closely to the method that Jesse shared with him as is the case with the process it has become Steve Smith's Non Classical Gung Fu as is the goal for everyone.

Non Classical Gung Fu people from all over the world visit The Little Dojo and share their understanding with us and we share ours with them.  It is a process not an art and we are blessed by Jesse's forethought in this.